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Well where to start. I didnt quit cutting like i hoped i did. For a long time a didnt cut but then all the things that i wanted to cut myself for in the monthes that i didnt cut myself just built up and i went crazy on my wrists stomach and legs. If i was in a bathing suit i would probally look like someone took a ax to me. Last night i tried to commit suicide i took close to 115 asprin to thin out my bloode then cut my wrists real deep. But it didnt work i ended up thoughinh up all night wich really fucking sucked. I wisj that i could just get away from my fucking life. I wish that i could just stop everyone who talks about me. I fucking hate when people lable me. I am aways the suicide punk skater chick who everyone think cant hear. they have to think i cant hear the way they talk about me. I told one person at school that i cut it was the one person that i thought wouldnt judge me would be there for me. But know for me to have one person to talk to would have to be a fucking merical. This girl was just talking to me to find out why i was the way i was and then she went back and gave her friends the report on me. What ever though i really shouldnt let all this fuck hurt me so much but it does because i am human.

well my birthday is in 14 days people in my famly keep asking me arent you happy you are getting older. To be this is just going to be another year i have to live through. Well i dont have to i could easy just kepp trying and trying to kill myself till it works. Ok well i am going to go i have a lot of thinkign to do i will write back in later.
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