*so this is love* (bootieyacka) wrote in comecrywithme,
*so this is love*

i miss my lipring

this is kinda silly but i wanted to ask anyway...

i took out my lipring two days ago for a couple reasons

1. my boyfriend reallllly hates it
2. it interferes with work
3. i am slowly getting back into modeling
4. it's not as fun anymore

but i find that i can't stop thinking about it
and when i do think about it i cry for like 30 minutes at a time

i was told that it is in fact normal to feel depressed after removing a piercing...so here is where my question come in

do any of you know of any online support groups for people struggling with the removal of their piercing and depression?

i realize you may think this is incredibly silly, but i am having a sincerely difficult time with it

thanks for you help

<3 jen
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