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I'm not really sure what to do or how to help...

I have a wonderful boyfriend. There's no problems with him. The thing is, we live 14 hours away from each other. Still, I have no real problem with that either. We trust each other implicitly. The problem is though...he's getting kicked out of his house. His mother, to sum it up, is tired of taking care or being considerate of anyone but herself. I want to just leave it at that. So Thursday, she tells him he has to be out by Monday. The other problem is he's having trouble finding a ride to the airport (he's coming to visit me June 28th for 2 weeks).
I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. He just needs a ride from Welland, Ontario to the airport in Buffalo, NY. Does anyone here live in those areas and have any ideas for cheap shuttles? It doesn't seem the bus would/could take him there very there's I guess certain times and certain days they even go there.
I'm also trying to figure out how to help him possibly move to the states (I live in Missouri).
Things have already been hard enough some times due to outside people trying to interfere in with our relationship (they don't understand/are jealous). We'd both be broken hearted (and out of a lot of money) if he can't get to the it would look very bad to my parents if he didn't show.
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